What is therapy?

The skills we need to help navigate life, a little easier.

Therapy is the process of meeting with a therapist to find resolutions to concerning behaviors or beliefs. Therapy doesn’t have to be scary. At Mixon Therapy, you can expect a welcoming environment and listening ear. At the first therapy session we will conduct a brief intake process with light paperwork. The second and third sessions will focus on what brings you to therapy and building skills.

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Can therapy help me?

The answer is yes, therapy works for adults. Therapy is proven to decrease our stress, anxiety, depression, and anger.

At Mixon Therapy, we begin by building a solid base of evidenced-based coping skills such as mindfulness.

Can therapy help my child?

One of the best interventions for any child is therapy. Therapy can improve a child’s mental health and reduce problems at home and school.

At Mixon Therapy, we treat children with a variety of behavioral, cognitive, and emotional issues from early childhood through emerging adulthood.

How to Get Started


Schedule a session

Schedule a session based on your schedule. We are currently accepting new clients.


Attend therapy

Each session is 1-hour in length. 1-6 sessions recommended.


Build confidence

Therapy can reduce behavioral concerns at home, school, and in relationships.

Types of Therapy

We utilize different therapy interventions depending on what fits best.

Play therapy Interventions

We explore emotions and behavior through play (i.e. toys and crayons).

Talk therapy

We examine cognitive patterns of our thoughts, behaviors, and feelings through conversation.

Family therapy

We sit down with parents to unpack life and promote harmony.

Trauma therapy

We work on how to heal from physical, emotional, and psychological trauma.