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Adult Therapy2024-04-18T19:49:29+00:00

Therapy For Adults

Through therapy you can explore yourself and relationships, and share your lived experience, all in a kind and welcoming space.

The Space To Learn & Embrace Yourself

Helping adults move beyond survival:

  • Generalized Anxiety

  • Life Transitions

  • Eating and Sleeping

  • Grief

  • Divorce

  • Depression and Mood Disorders
  • Uncontrolled Emotions

  • Behavior Management

  • Body Image Concern

  • Child-Parent Relationships

  • Adult ADHD

Ketamine Therapy

Ketamine, a legal and safe medication, effectively treats mental health issues like depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Its fast-acting effects can start within 1-2 hours after use. By affecting certain brain receptors, it helps form new connections and boosts mood regulation. Ketamine also improves overall brain flexibility for long-term symptom relief.

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Do I need therapy?2024-04-17T23:00:23+00:00
Consider therapy when you’re experiencing difficulties that affect your daily functioning, relationships, or overall well-being.:

Therapy can be beneficial for various reasons, such as managing stress, coping with life changes, improving relationships, and addressing mental health concerns like anxiety or depression. Additionally, if you’re finding it challenging to cope with emotions or situations on your own, therapy can provide support, guidance, and strategies to help you navigate through them effectively. Ultimately, the decision to seek therapy depends on individual circumstances and needs.

Do you accept insurance?2024-04-18T19:52:19+00:00
We currently accept the following insurance plans:

Optum Insurance



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