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Children & Adolescent Therapy2024-04-17T19:08:07+00:00

Expert Talk & Play Therapy Interventions

Utilizing your child’s natural expression through play they are able to learn, communicate, self-discover, explore relationships, and share experiences. Learn more about these and other therapies here.

Guiding children of all ages through the many challenges of life at home, at school, and with friends.

Growing up is no easy task, especially these days. Young people face both peer and academic pressures, shifts in the family (like divorce or relocation), the onset of hormones in adolescence and the ever-present challenge of managing their emotions. The potential issues and intense feelings run a wide gamut, and for many children and adolescents, this is the first time they have encountered and had to manage these emotions.

Do you accept insurance?2024-04-18T19:52:19+00:00
We currently accept the following insurance plans:

Optum Insurance



Does my child need therapy?2024-04-17T18:40:00+00:00
Sometimes normal childhood concerns might turn more serious if the following has occurred:
  • Has problems in multiple areas of life, such as family relationships, academic performance, leisure activities and friendships.
  • Shows excessive worry about the future.
  • Engages in negative behavior more frequently.
  • Starts feeling bad about themselves, less confident or less effective.
  • If you’re unsure, please reach out!
What types of therapy do you provide?2024-04-17T22:58:20+00:00
I provide a range of services for individuals and families specializing in child and adolescent therapy.

I specialize in using play therapy interventions, talk therapy, family therapy, and more. I also provide individual adult therapy focused on a range of concerns including trauma focused techniques, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, person-centered techniques, and more.

Are parent(s) included in therapy?2024-04-17T18:37:19+00:00
Parenting directly impacts how our children interact in all areas of life.

I work with the child individually on interventions and empower parents to encourage in the home, at school, and in relationships. I do this in a collaborative manner that empowers you as the parent to sustain lasting change for your child.

Building Confidence and Understanding

Helping children and teens find solutions to challenges, like:

  • Depression and Mood Disorders
  • Uncontrolled Emotions

  • Behavior Management

  • Body Image Concern

  • Child-Parent Relationships

  • School-based Difficulties

  • Development Transitions

  • Eating and Sleeping

  • Grief

  • Adoption
  • Home transitions (divorce, remarriage, relocation, etc)
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